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Ben is a Contributor to SB Nation Boston. I am a history major in my sophomore year at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. I've often been asked how I ended up at UW having grown up in Massachusetts, and I've yet to come up with an answer for it. But here I am. I am currently an editor at Over the Monster, SBN's resident Red Sox site.

John Farrell a safe, solid start to rebuilding

The Red Sox got their man in John Farrell, and more importantly, they went about getting him in the right way.

For Red Sox, 2012 a year to forget

The 2012 season was an unmitigated disaster for the Boston Red Sox saved only by a masterful August fire sale that gives the team a chance for future success.

Yankees 14, Red Sox 2: Season ends without a fight

The Red Sox' season ended without a fight Wednesday night, as the Yankees knocked them out to the tune of a 14-2 blowout.

Red Sox vs. Yankees live blog: Game 162

Live inning-by-inning updates for the final game of the season between the Red Sox and Yankees.

Wednesday Red Sox Lineups: The last lineup

For what is hopefully the last time, the Sox have submitted a lineup cobbled together from minor leaguers.

Yankees 4, Red Sox 3: Ibanez saves it, seals it

Raul Ibanez struck in the ninth to send the game to extra innings, and then again in the twelfth, propelling the Yankees to a 4-3 victory.

Tuesday Red Sox Vs. Yankees Live Blog

Live inning-by-inning updates for game two between the Red Sox and Yankees.

Tuesday Red Sox Lineup: Dustin Pedroia plays

Dustin Pedroia will be back in the lineup Tuesday night despite breaking his finger two nights ago against the Orioles.

Yankees 10, Red Sox 2: New York cruises to win

It took just two innings for the Yankees to tag Clay Buchholz with eight runs and almost guarantee themselves at least a share of the A.L. East division crown.

Red Sox vs. Yankees live blog

Live inning-by-inning updates for Monday's game between the Red Sox and Yankees.