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Super Bowl commercial: Buy a Volkswagen, become Jamaican

This Super Bowl Sunday, Volkswagen shares the secret of being happy: buying a new bug. Also, they share the secret to having a perfect Jamaican accent: buying a new bug.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Super Bowl is more about the pageantry and the glamour than an actual football game. It's consistently the most-watched television program of the year and, because of this, it attracts huge companies to drop millions and millions of dollars on minute-long commercials to promote their products. While it seems a little unnecessary, anybody who watches the Super Bowl and doesn't get excited about the commercials is a liar.

Volkswagen will be debuting their newly redesigned VW Bug during the Super Bowl by showing what it takes to be happy in today's business economy. Of course what it takes to be happy, even if business is slow (and it's a Monday) is riding in a new VW Bug. However, being happy from being in a bug comes along with an interesting side effect: developing a Jamaican accent.

This commercial somehow drummed up some controversy as some believed it was racist, but it's hard to see. The power of German Engineering is obviously making everybody who buys their product is Jammin' so they're feelin' irie mon.