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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Patriots to address secondary issues?

Could the New England Patriots feel a need at the safety position in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft?

Kevin C. Cox

The New England Patriots are experiencing a different kind of drought. Every franchise goes through that period where they're not making the playoffs, but the Patriots are at that point where they are making it every time, but are unable to get things done once they get there.

While the roster has stood the test of time, there's still small holes here and there that need to be addressed. One of the biggest issues over the years has been the secondary. From cornerback to safety, the Patriots are constantly searching for the answer.

Looking to the 2013 NFL Draft, they might just find said answer. Don Banks of released his first 2013 NFL mock draft, and he has the Patriots taking Florida safety Matt Elam with the No. 29 pick:

As the playoff loss to the Ravens proved, the Patriots still have their seemingly never-ending issues in the secondary. Elam is a solid value in the latter stages of the first round, and his nose for the football would upgrade New England at safety, where the Pats tend to take a makeshift approach at times. And, of course, Bill Belichick loves him some Florida Gators.

Building through the draft is how the Patriots will likely look to address their needs, and when it comes to the secondary, the draft is deep. The safety position in particular is very strong this year, which is a nice change, given that the talent has been considered lackluster as a whole over the last several years.

Now there are multiple potential top guys and that means the Patriots could snare a big name near the end of the first round.