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Super Bowl 2013: Randy Moss gets 2nd shot at title

While he's not the dynamic player from five years ago, former Patriots wideout Randy Moss will get a second chance at a championship next Sunday.

Jim Rogash

One former high-profile Patriot will be getting his second shot at a Super Bowl title next week in New Orleans. Randy Moss, who was a driving force behind the Patriots' historic 2007 offense, has taken on more of a leadership role with the 49ers this season. Moss, however, is still without a Super Bowl win in his Hall-of-Fame 14-year career.

In his first Super Bowl appearance with the Patriots in 2008, Moss finished with five catches for 62 yards and a touchdown. Five years later, he's not the same explosive receiver but he will still be a deep threat for Colin Kaepernick when the Niners face the Ravens' secondary. Moss finished the 2012 regular season with just three touchdowns and has just five catches for 71 yards in the 49ers' two postseason games.

But the aging Moss, unexpectedly, has been cited for his leadership of a receiving corps that has improved as the season progressed, particularly Michael Crabtree (via Reuters):

"Randy talks to us all the time," Crabtree said recently, "I'm in the room with Randy all day, every day. There's a lot of things we're talking about."

Crabtree has had 15 catches and two touchdowns in the Niners' two playoff games, emerging as the top pass-catching weapon for Kaepernick. Crabtree may be targeted more, but Moss, who could be playing in the final game of his career next Sunday, will certainly get the spotlight in the media run-up to the game.