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Red Sox Vs. Orioles Live Blog: Inning by inning updates for Game 1

Orioles 9, Red Sox 1, Mid 8th -- Ryan Lavarnway at least gives a fly ball a ride, but it's classic warning track power stuff, and leaves not a blip in Chris Tillman's eighth inning of work.

Orioles 9, Red Sox 1, End 7th -- Jim Thome's bat continues to go strong as he picks up another hit to lead off the seventh, but Beato is able to keep his record clean with a double play ball and a strikeout against Manny Machado. At least the bullpen is still intact?

Orioles 9, Red Sox 1, Mid 7th -- 21 outs down, six to go...

Orioles 9, Red Sox 1, End 6th -- Pedro Beato adds a scoreless sixth to his resume. He's an obscure option in the pen, but one that could provide interesting depth in 2013.

Orioles 9, Red Sox 1, Mid 6th -- Boston's contractually obligated inning ends 1-2-3. They have three more contractually obligated innings to go before they can put this one in the books, and then 45 more before the season is well and done with. They can't go by fast enough.

Orioles 9, Red Sox 1, End 5th -- Spoke too soon. After getting two quick outs, Aceves gives up big time contact in four straight at bats. The first three result in doubles to the wall, and Taylor Teagarden finishes the three-run assault with an RBI single. Pedro Beato finished the frame off, and now it's up to him to eat some outs.

Orioles 6, Red Sox 1, Mid 5th -- The Sox' ineptitude since the first continues, with strikeouts from Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Daniel Nava highlighting Tillman's fourth straight scoreless frame of work.

Orioles 6, Red Sox 1, End 4th -- Had this come earlier in the season, and had he not already burned every bridge available to him, Aceves might be in the process of making a case for a starting role. Another scoreless inning of work makes him look awfully good in contrast to Aaron Cook. Add in that he's done it on just 36 pitches, and at least this has been impressive coming from the Sox' side of things.

Orioles 6, Red Sox 1, Mid 4th -- Dustin Pedroi, like Nava before him, provides a walk for the Red Sox. Unlike Nava, however, he is simply left stranded, rather than being erased in a double play. Not sure if that counts as progress...

Orioles 6, Red Sox 1, End 3rd -- Alfredo Aceves lets Jim Thome reach third base in a hurry on a single, error, and balk. He manages to hold him there, however, striking out Manny Machado in the process.

Orioles 6, Red Sox 1, Mid 3rd -- Daniel Nava does manage to at least get the Sox a baserunner, drawing one of those walks he was becoming known for before the long injury-related slump, but it only serves to set up an inning-ending double play from Scott Podsednik.

Orioles 6, Red Sox 1, End 2nd -- Aaron Cook is chased from the game after two straight baserunners reach to start the inning on walks, but Alfredo Aceves manages to escape unharmed by doing what Cook was supposed to: inducing ground balls. The first earns him two outs, and the second gets a third to end the inning.

Orioles 6, Red Sox 1, Mid 2nd -- The Red Sox respond to the six-run outburst by going quietly in order in the second. Oh, Red Sox, go quietly into that good night.

Orioles 6, Red Sox 1, End 1st -- So much for small ball. The Orioles respond by absolutely wrecking Aaron Cook using a completely different approach. Though the Orioles also start with the leadoff single on a ground ball up the middle, it's a home run that follows, not a bunt. The shot off the bat of Chris Davis comes with one out, and clears the right field wall by a mile, leaving no doubt as to its destination.

Cook manages to get his second out immediately thereafter, but Jim Thome goes to the opposite field, thwarting the shift, Mark Reynolds draws a walk, and Manny Machado singles to load the bases for Ryan Flaherty. The left-handed second baseman gets a sinker low-and-in, cleans it out, and rounds the bases as his grand slam drops in the same place as Chris Davis'. One inning in, and this one is already pretty much over.

Red Sox 1, Orioles 0, Mid 1st -- An early lead for the Red Sox requires just a single as the team plays some small ball. After Scott Podsednik provided said single and moved to second on an error, he was bunted over to third with just the one out and then scored on a Dustin Pedroia sacrifice fly. That's about the only way this bunch can score runs this month, but a run is a run.