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Rajon Rondo ready to lead Celtics this year

Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo is ready to take over the role of leader of the team this season. Rondo planned a five day players only mini-camp of sorts for the Celtics who have nine new faces this season. Rondo and the Celtics spent the week in Los Angeles, scrimmaging at UCLA and staying at the homes of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Rondo, who talked to Marc Spears of Yahoo!, planned all the activities including trips to Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles and a game of flag football.

"I wanted the guys to have fun. When you're with me I want you to say, 'Man, I had a good time with Rondo.' And I think that's what they did."

Rondo hopes the week away from Boston will help the team get closer with one another, but says it's too early to know what effect it had. What is clear is that Rondo appears ready to be a leader for the Celtics.

"I've kind of taken that leadership and veteran role because I am a point guard and I have been in Doc's system," Rondo said. "Other than [Pierce], I have been here the longest. I know exactly what Doc wants, especially for me and this team. I'm trying to lead the team the best that I can."

Rondo has high hopes for this year as well, adding "There are only five teams right now that can say they can compete for a title realistically. And we're one of them."