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2012 NFL power rankings: Patriots hold steady in polls

Despite a last second loss to the Baltimore Ravens, the New England Patriots largely experienced minimal movement in the polls.

Mike Zarrilli - Getty Images

The New England Patriots largely remained in place in the power ranking polls despite a last second loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday night. Both, SB Nation and kept the team in place at the No. 7 position heading into Week 4 despite consecutive losses.

ESPN's power poll was less kind to reigning AFC champions as they dropped the team three spots to the No. 8 ranking this week, citing that the club has a losing record for the first time since 2003. Here's what SB Nation's Joel Thorman had to say about his ranking:

So how low do you drop New England for losing to my third-ranked team? Call me stubborn but I'm keeping them here pending next week's game in Buffalo.

For a complete look at SB Nation's power ranking poll, click here.

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