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Patriots Vs. Ravens Highlights: The 1st Half In .GIFs

A late second-quarter touchdown drive has helped the New England Patriots earn a 20-14 halftime lead over the host Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium. The first half of this Week 3 NFL showdown featured two touchdowns and field goals from the Patriots, who scored with seven seconds remaining in the half to earn its six-point lead heading into the locker room.

The go-ahead score was a seven-yard touchdown pass from Tom Brady and wide receiver Julian Edelman, who was pretty amped to score his first TD of the season.



Edelman's touchdown was New England second of the night. The first was a two-yard rush by Brandon Bolden, who capped a small three-play, six-yard drive that gave the Patriots an early 10-0 advantage.



Early on, a lot of things went right for the Patriots, however, things did get a bit chippy as Baltimore clawed back into the game and took a 14-13 lead with 1:53 to go in the half. The chippyness did not sit well with Patriots head coach Bill Belichcik.





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