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UConn Vs. Western Michigan 2012: 'What Happened Was Unacceptable'

The UConn Huskies might have dropped a game in 2011 to Western Michigan, but with another loss to the Broncos Saturday, the Connecticut fanbase is starting to get restless with the direction of the team under head coach Paul Pasqualoni.

The crew at The UConn Blog didn't take long to express disappointment in the team's performance. First was a post from Andrew Porter, titled in part "Fire Everyone":

The Huskies were miserable in every phase of the game and a combination of stupid mistakes, dropped passes and costly turnovers did ultimately did them in.

John Rook followed up with more after the team's second consecutive loss to the team from the MAC.

It doesn't matter if it was a home or road game. This thing could have been played at the bottom of the ocean without oxygen tanks and you should STILL be able to beat this team. Losing in any way? Utter embarrassment.

Rook goes on to express in detail why he feels Pasqualoni should lose his job after the "fiasco". The anger doesn't only stem from the loss to Western Michigan, but the defeat at the hands of what many believed to be an inferior team certainly served as justification for disappointment.

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