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Keyon Dooling Waived By Boston Celtics, Will Pursue 'Other Interests'

Keyon Dooling has been waived by the Boston Celtics on Thursday and will "pursue other interests" outside of basketball, according to the team. Dooling played in 46 games last season for the Celtics, averaging 4.0 points.


Sadly, The Reverend is moving on. Keyon Dooling has been waived by the Boston Celtics, the team announced on Thursday, and will "pursue other interests" outside the sport of basketball, meaning that this could be the end of the veteran guard's lengthy NBA career.

Dooling played 46 games for the Celtics last season, starting twice, and averaged 4.0 points in an average of 14.4 minutes per game. Dooling has played for six years during his career, playing with the Los Angeles Clippers for four seasons before bouncing around to the Miami Heat (one year), the Orlando Magic (three years), the New Jersey Nets (two years), the Milwaukee Bucks (one year) and finally the Celtics. Dooling averaged 7.0 points and 2.2 assists in 721 total NBA games.

Dooling became a fan favorite in Boston after the team's improbably postseason run last year. The backup guard did not contribute much on the court during the course of the season, but became known for his motivating speeches in the locker room, earning him the nickname of "The Reverend."

We certainly wish Dooling the best as he steps away from the NBA. Goodbye, Keyon.

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