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Bobby Valentine Says He's 'Best Man' For The Red Sox (Meanwhile, Boston Laughs)

Bobby Valentine is great, isn't he? I mean, he isn't great for the Boston Red Sox -- they're 15.5 games out of the playoff picture and the laughing stock of sports -- but for people like myself who report and fans that want a good laugh, he's great. Take this little golden nugget from today's pregame presser.

Really, Bobby? Or was that a joke, too? Ha ha!

Also, kudos to Rich Shertenlieb of 98.5 The Sports Hub's 'Toucher & Rich' morning program, who asked Valentine the question. Shertenlieb said that the question came from fans and also was asking fans on Twitter what he should ask the embattled Red Sox manager after Tuesday night's series opener against the New York Yankees.

On behalf of Red Sox nation, thanks for asking the question, Rich. Good job, good effort.