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Milan Vs. Olimpia Update: Escalante Makes Instant Impact Off The Bench, Cuts Deficit To 3-1

As the second half threatened to bog down into a slow and boring affair of substitutions and reserve players, CD Olimpia served a reminder to AC Milan that victory, if in the cards, would not come easily. Substitute Jose Escalante scored on a powerful header with virtually his first touch of the game to cut Milan's lead to 3-2 in the 72nd minute.

The goal was made by the cross of fullback Brayan Beckeles, who served up a dangerous ball toward the far post. It continued through traffic, missing the heads of several players on both sides before it fell onto Escalante's, who made no mistake. The thumping header blew past Edoardo Pazzagli and into the back of the net.

Both clubs have virtually switched out their entire teams with substitutions by now, though Milan have certainly used more of their bench. Stars like Robinho and Cassano have been replaced with lesser-known names like Bryan Cristante and Djamel Mesbah, although club legend Massimo Ambrosini has also taken the pitch.

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