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VIDEO: UMass' Darren Thellen, Tom Brandt Team Up For Interception

One quarter into the new college football season, and we have one of the best plays you're going to find all season long. Not bad, huh? To top it all off, it was the UMass Minutemen -- the team playing its first ever FBS game -- that provided it. OK, here's what went down.

Darren Thellen tippped a pass from UConn quarterback Chandler Whitmer, which was about one yard out of bounds, back inbounds to teammate Tom Brandt for the interception. UMass couldn't do anything with the new possession, as it went three-and-out, but the play itself was incredible. You have to watch it to understand (hat tip to Jason Kirk for finding).

Amazing. Just amazing. And we're only one night one. This season is going to be fun.

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