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NFL, Players Association Agree To New Trade Deadline And Injured-Reserve Rule

The NFL and NFLPA agreed Thursday on two new rules, one involving the trade deadline and the other dealing with IR.

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The NFL and NFLPA agreed Thursday to push the league's trade deadline back two weeks and install a new injured reserve rule, ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting . The deadline will be moved from Week 6 to Week 8, while the new IR rule will allow teams to bring back one player later on in the season -- before a player placed on IR was done for the year.

A few months ago, these changes were thought to be agreed upon, but apparently nothing was set in stone.

Moving forward, the hope is the new trade deadline will urge non-playoff teams to make deals that could help others make a push for the playoffs. Before, the deadline was too early and most teams weren't ready to give up on its season by Week 6.

As for the new IR rule, Schefter explains:

Only players with a "major injury" who are placed on Reserve/Injured after 4:00 p.m., New York time, on Tuesday, September 4, or thereafter during the season, will be eligible to be reactivated at a later time.

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