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Welcome Back, College Football!

It's no secret that I love college football. Why? It's football without the big dollars mixed in. Yes, I'm well aware that money still rules the college football world. The bowls and the improper benefits, I know. Money is king, but not on the field. On the gridiron, it's all about football. It's about winning, it's about improving, it's about pushing yourself harder and further than even before. Most importantly, it's all about having fun. What more could you want?

The college football season kicks off tonight, at least in New England, with UMass and UConn doing battle in East Hartford, CT. UMass will be playing its first game at the FBS level, and both teams will be testing their luck with new quarterbacks. The excitement will be there, no doubt about it.

It's good to have college football back, especially with the tumultuous offseason the sport had. Sadly, it had nothing to do with the actual sport of football. Instead, the incredibly sad and disheartening tragedy at Penn State surrounding Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno brought the sport to a new low, one that was never seen before. The new season won't erase those dark times, nor should it, but it will help the healing process along. So welcome back, college football! We have truly missed you.