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Red Sox Vs. Angels Live Blog: Inning-By-Inning Updates For Game 2

For those still up and dealing with this ever-frustrating Red Sox team, a baseball game:

Angels 10, Red Sox 3, End 7th -- Alfredo Aceves finds himself in the seventh inning on this particular night, and once again gives up two leadoff baserunners. This time, however, Aceves gets out of it without any further trouble.

Angels 10, Red Sox 3, Mid 7th -- The Sox go back to quick innings, going 1-2-3 as Jordan Walden replaced C.J. Wilson with a productive seventh.

Angels 10, Red Sox 3, End 6th -- Andrew Miller gets himself in trouble, facing a 2nd-and-3rd situation with one out. An intentional walk to Albert Pujols loads the bases, but a strikeout of Kendrys Morales brought him to the point where Mark Trumbo's fly ball could do nothing but to end the inning.

Angels 10, Red Sox 3, Mid 6th -- Mauro Gomez and Scott Podsednik provide singles, but the Sox can't push any more runs across in the sixth.

Angels 10, Red Sox 3, End 5th -- Early trouble--a leadoff walk and single--gives the Angels a run off of Junichi Tazawa. But a double play helps keep the damage to a minimum in the fifth.

Angels 9, Red Sox 3, Mid 5th -- The Sox put together a small fifth-inning rally to get two more runs off C.J. Wilson. Scott Podsednik and Pedro Ciriaco led off the inning with a pair of infield singles, and while Jacoby Ellsbury was unable to follow suit, he still helped the attack. After grounding into a fielder's choice, with Pedro Ciriaco getting out in his stead at second, Ellsbury stole the vacated base, and when the throw got away into center field, Podsednik was able to take off and score from third. A Dustin Pedroia single behind him, and the Sox had their third run of the night.

Angels 9, Red Sox 1, End 4th -- Zach Stewart's night is mercifully over, as Junichi Tazawa replaces him on the mound. Tazawa, as it happens, also is a good pitcher, allowing the Sox to finally get a scoreless inning in the fourth, complete with two strikeouts.

Angels 9, Red Sox 1, Mid 4th -- Gotta hand it to the Red Sox batters, they're really keeping the best interests of the fans in mind for this one. Now that the game is basically over, they're rushing through their innings to get this debacle over with as soon as possible.

Angels 9, Red Sox 1, End 3rd -- Once again, Zach Stewart almost makes his way through a scoreless frame after a leadoff double. This time, though, the fall is rather more dramatic. Much like in the first, back-to-back hits score two runs, but really just serve to set up the huge homer, this time off the bat of Chris Iannetta, that makes it a four-run frame. This one is so very over.

Angels 5, Red Sox 1, Mid 3rd -- C.J. Wilson settles down with a quick third. The Angels just need him to eat innings now.

Angels 5, Red Sox 1, End 2nd -- The good news is that Zach Stewart almost got out of the second without allowing any more runs after a leadoff double. The bad news is that Zach Stewart almost got out of the second inning without allowing anymore runs after a leadoff double right until the two-out single from Torii Hunter did the trick.

Angels 4, Red Sox 1, Mid 2nd -- The Red Sox manage to grab one back in the top of the fourth courtesy of leadoff hits from Mike Aviles and Mauro Gomez. The base knocks put Gomez on third, allowing Scott Podsednik to contribute to the scoring effort with just a long fly ball to get the Sox on the board.

Angels 4, Red Sox 0, End 1st -- Zach Stewart rewards those staying awake for his first Red Sox start with a one-inning ball game. It takes him all of four batters to surrender four runs, throwing flat pitches up in the zone one after the other, leading unsurprisingly to just about nothing in the way of outs. Mike Trout, Torii Hunter, and Albert Pujols get the Angels going with a single, double, and single respectively--the last two of the RBI variety--before Kendrys Morales destroys a hanging slider--not Stewart's first of the inning--hitting an absolute no-doubter into the right field stands to make it an early 4-0 lead. The question now is how many innings can he spare the limited bullpen.

Red Sox 0, Angels 0, Mid 1st -- A surprisingly patient and even promising inning for the Red Sox ends without runs, but at least with some decent positives. Long two-out at bats from Dustin Pedroia and Cody Ross provide the Sox with a pair of free passes. While Ryan Lavarnway ends up not being able to complete the rally, it's only thanks to a line drive down the right field line that stayed in the air just a bit too long.