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Steve Gregory Injury: Patriots DB Goes Down In Preseason Game Against Bucs

The New England Patriots suffered yet another injury -- this time, it was safety Steve Gregory who went down. He stayed down briefly, but went off the field under his own power. It's too early to tell right now, but the injury doesn't appear to be all that serious at first glance.

For the Patriots, it's another in a long line of injuries in their Friday night matchup against Tampa Bay. Not only are they losing the game 20-7 right now in the third quarter, but they've also suffered four injuries so far, including one to cornerback Kyle Arrington.

Gregory is a seventh-year safety out of Syracuse. Since joining New England in 2006, he's been fairly healthy, playing in at least 14 contests in every season except for 2010. For more on the game and the Patriots' mounting injuries, stay tuned to this Storystream.

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