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Josh Beckett, The Super Sass Master

Don't ask Josh Beckett a completely legitimate question he doesn't want to answer, or he will sass you. Got that? You've been warned, everyone.

RT @PeteAbe #RedSox RHP Josh Beckett, who hosted a charity event tonight, was asked about the firing of pitching coach Bob McClure. "No, man, I've got nothing to say and you shouldn't be asking at all right now," he said. (via Twitter/Sulia)

Josh Beckett dishing out sass? I'm shocked.

Beckett was hosting his annual charity event, the Beckett Bowl, on Monday night, and was apparently asked the question about the firing of Bob McClure (by a reporter, I'm assuming). Considering that McClure was the pitching coach of the team that employs Beckett, that seems like a pretty legitimate question, does it not?

I can understand where Beckett is coming from, I suppose. It's a charity event, yes. But does he seriously think that reporters are going to universally refrain from asking any other question? It's their job, Josh. They're not trying to hurt you... they're doing their jobs. Also, would it have killed you to simply say "no comment" or "I don't want to talk about that right now?"

Not surprising, at all. It's just Josh being Josh. The sass master on top of his game.