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Revolution Vs. Fire Update: Sherjill MacDonald's First MLS Goal Puts Fire Ahead 2-1

Just as soon as the New England Revolution fought their way back into their match with the Chicago Fire on Saturday night, they committed yet another mental mistake to concede the lead again. Sherjill MacDonald converted an easy header for his first MLS goal, putting the Revolution down 2-1 in the 25th minute.

The play started off of a throw-in, with the Revs apparently forgetting that there was a game still on. Patrick Nyarko made a slashing run into the box and received the ball off the throw, just getting to it before Kevin Alston and serving in a cross. MacDonald was lurking in the middle of the box, and it was the simple matter of leaping over A.J. Soares, whose marking was not very tight, and nodding the ball into the net from point blank range. For the Dutch DP, it was elementary.

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