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Revolution Vs. Fire Update: Cardenas Goal Evens It Up At 1-1

The New England Revolution went down in the 4th minute off of a defensive mistake, but didn't let that get their spirits down against the Chicago Fire on Saturday night. Just seven minutes later they had their answer as Fernando Cardenas bundled the ball home to even the scores up at 1-1.

Saer Sene started the play by chasing down a long ball out of the back and gaining possession at the end line on the left. The Revs' leading scorer turned and crossed into the box, finding Cardenas, but the little Colombian was covered and couldn't direct the ball into the net. Instead, it squirted away into the six-yard box, but deflected off of a Fire defender and back at Cardenas, who frantically pushed the ball over the line from a prone position. It was an ugly goal, but they all count regardless.

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