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Red Sox Vs. Yankees Live Blog: Inning By Inning Updates For Game 2

The Red Sox are giving it another go against the Yankees, this time with Jon Lester up against a reliever making a spot start in David Phelps.

We'll keep you up-to-date on all the action as it goes down in New Yankee Stadium.

Red Sox 3, Yankees 1, End 8th -- Andrew Bailey gets one out and gives up a single to Nick Swisher before being pulled for Craig Breslow to take on the left-handed Cano. The move turns out to be effective, too, as Breslow quickly gets a ground ball to start an inning-ending double play.

Red Sox 3, Yankees 1, Mid 8th -- The Sox get a threat in the form of Dustin Pedroia when he doubles into right field, but the Yankees get out of it by giving Adrian Gonzalez first and calling in Cody Eppley to get a strikeout of Cody Ross and ground ball from Ryan Lavarnway.

Red Sox 3, Yankees 1, End 7th -- Lester is likely done for the day, but got to end his night on a high note. After allowing a leadoff double to Curtis Granderson, Lester did an admirable job of keeping him away from home plate, getting the bottom three of the New York lineup in order to keep the lead at 3-1.

Red Sox 3, Yankees 1, Mid 7th -- Pedro Ciriaco drops a beautiful bunt down the third base line with one out, but

Red Sox 3, Yankees 1, End 6th -- Lester gets his first completely clean inning in the sixth, getting two ground balls and one in the air against the middle of the Yankees' order to retire the side 1-2-3.

Red Sox 3, Yankees 1, Mid 6th -- Dustin Pedroia is robbed of a hit by a well-placed Robinson Cano, and while Adrian Gonzalez is able to lace a hit into center field, he's left stranded at first.

Red Sox 3, Yankees 1, End 5th -- Nick Punto is having himself a game. Even when the third baseman made a defensive mistake, booting a ground ball up into the air, he was able to recover, barehanding the ball in mid-air and spinning to throw to first for the second out in a scoreless fifth.

Red Sox 3, Yankees 1, Mid 5th -- The bottom of the Sox lineup responds to Granderson's shot instantly. After a one-out single from Pedro Ciriaco, Nick Punto knocks a line drive down the right field line and all the way to the wall. Andruw Jones has trouble getting the ball from the corner, allowing Ciriaco to race all the way home as Punto made his way to third with an RBI triple. Unfortunately for the Sox, neither Ellsbury nor Crawford could get Punto home, but they'll take the run.

Red Sox 2, Yankees 1, End 4th -- It took them until the fourth inning this time, but the Yankees were not to be denied the long ball. Curtis Granderson gets a fastball down the pipe from Jon Lester, and launches a towering shot to dead center to get the Yankees on the board and cut the Boston lead in half.

Red Sox 2, Yankees 0, Mid 4th -- Cody Ross strikes out in the midst of another 1-2-3 inning from Phelps.

Red Sox 2, Yankees 0, End 3rd -- Lester can't record his first completely clean inning, as Nick Swisher manages to line a single into right field. But it comes after two ground balls and before a pop-up, letting Lester get out of the inning without ever being really threatened.

Red Sox 2, Yankees 0, Mid 3rd -- The top three go down in short order in the third inning, as David Phelps seems to have settled down after the first. The thing is, he's not a guy who can be relied on to throw a ton of pitches, so those two runs may be enough for how long he's going to last.

Red Sox 2, Yankees 0, End 2nd -- Another leadoff walk coming on just four piches is a bad sign for Jon Lester, but a ground ball turns it into a double play, leaving Lester with a scoreless second on just ten pitches.

Red Sox 2, Yankees 0, Mid 2nd -- Pedro Ciriaco slaps a single into right field and steals second base, but it comes with two outs, and Nick Punto can only strike out behind him, ending the inning in relatively short order for David Phelps.

Red Sox 2, Yankees 0, End 1st -- A control-free Jon Lester finds himself in early trouble, throwing six of his first seven pitches for balls, and giving up a leadoff walk and single to put two on with nobody out. Lester battles back to strike out Robinson Cano on a cutter that makes him look like his 2010 self, however, and after Nick Punto makes a nice play on a ground ball from Andruw Jones, Lester gets McGehee swinging as well to end the frame.

Red Sox 2, Yankees 0, Mid 1st -- While Carl Crawford may have Tommy John Surgery in his future, for now he's still taking his swings, and producing for the team. A one out single puts him on first base, and while he ends up stealing second, Adrian Gonzalez makes sure it doesn't matter. Getting a fastball low and away, Adrian Gonzalez showed off his opposite-field power swing, lifting a fly ball that just barely carried into the stands for a two-run shot. It's his eighth homer since the All-Star Break.