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Jeff Green Contract: Celtics Will Reportedly Make Deal Official Next Week

The Boston Celtics are reportedly close to finalizing their deal with Jeff Green, and the Boston Globe's Gary Washburn reports that agent David Falk thinks it will be official next week. Washburn reported on Saturday that Falk was working to finalize the outstanding minor issues:

For those who missed it earlier, David Falk, the agent for Jeff Green, told Boston Globe that his client's deal with #celtics is close and should be official next week.

The framework of the deal was agreed upon at the beginning of the NBA free agency season in July. It's reportedly a four-year deal worth $36 million.

Green became an unrestricted free agent after the Celtics pulled back a qualifying offer last winter. But the two sides came to an agreement as free agency opened this summer, with the Celtics even holding a press conference with Green.

At the end of July, Falk said the deal was imminent and that just some minor issues involving CBA changes were being worked out. But no deal was ever officially announced. It's still unclear how much of the deal will be guaranteed, but everything should be finalized in the coming week.

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