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Boston Red Sox President Blames Injuries Not Bobby Valentine For Problems

Red Sox President Larry Lucchino weighed in on the Yahoo! sports story this week that Boston players engaged in a coup attempt to oust manager Bobby Valentine. Lucchino has always been perceived as an ardent supporter of Valentine, and was reportedly instrumental in his hiring. As you would expect, he cited injuries, and not Bobby V, as the primary reason for Boston's current underwhelming season. Via The Sports Xchange:

"I do think the clubhouse culture is different when the team is winning and the star players are there regularly and leading the team in the clubhouse as well as on the field and not from the disabled list," Lucchino said.

"I think we will see an improved culture next year. If it's broke, we'll fix it. I have my share of responsibility, to be sure, for the state of the franchise."

Another rocky Red Sox season was thrown into tumult again this week with the news of the meeting between Red Sox leaders and management going public. Lucchino is certainly a strong-willed and opinionated President with plenty of influence, so it's not surprising to see him downplay the significance of the meeting as well as Valentine's impact on the struggles.

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