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2012 Olympic Medal Count: United States Takes The Top Spot

Now that the curtain has come down on the 2012 London Olympics, it's time to look back and reflect on what has happened over the past two memorable weeks.

Some of the best moments were authored by the United States, which finished in the top spot with 104 medals. Out of those, 46 were of the gold variety.

Five local athletes took home a combined five of those gold medals, including Aly Raisman (won two), Tina Charles, Ashja Jones and Eleanor Logan. Elizabeth Beisel earned two silver medals in the pool while Raisman also claimed a bronze.

Overall here are the final standings in the medal count:

  1. United States: 104 - (46 Gold, 29 Silver, 29 Bronze)
  2. China: 87 - (38 Gold, 27 Silver, 22 Bronze)
  3. Russia: 82 - (24 Gold, 25 Silver, 33 Bronze)
  4. England: 65 - (29 Gold, 17 Silver, 19 Bronze)
  5. Germany: 44 - (11 Gold, 19 Silver, 14 Bronze)

For a full list of all the countries, please click here.

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