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Will Middlebrooks Injury Update: Red Sox 3B Has Broken Wrist After Being Hit By Pitch

Boston Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks has a broken wrist, according to reports. Middlebrooks was hit by a 96 MPH fastball in the ninth inning of Friday's 3-2 victory over the Cleveland Indians. Middlebrooks is likely out for the season, removing one of Boston fans' few bright spots from the 2012 season.

SB Nation's Red Sox blog Over The Monster stressed the seriousness of the injury:

Forgetting the impact of this on whatever semblance of a season the Red Sox have left to him, this is a very troubling event. Wrists are tricky things, and when they're not working right, they can really sap a batter's power and effectiveness at the plate. Ask Jed Lowrie, ask David Ortiz. It's not a death sentence by any means, but it's one of the more troubling injuries a player can suffer. Hopefully they take this as slow as they need to--they certainly have the time.

In Middlebrooks' absence the Sox will turn to Danny Valencia, acquired from the Minnesota Twins in early August.

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