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Red Sox Vs. Tigers Live Blog: Inning By Inning Updates For Game 3

The Red Sox are out for the sweep Wednesday night as they send Aaron Cook to the mound against Rick Porcello.

We'll keep you up-to-date on all the action as it goes down in Fenway Park.

TIgers 7, Red Sox 5, Mid 9th -- Junichi Tazawa holds down the fort to give the Sox a chance, but they'll need at least two in the ninth.

Tigers 7, Red Sox 5, End 8th -- The Sox go down in order in the 8th, leaving them three outs away from the end of their winning streak.

Tigers 7, Red Sox 5, Mid 8th -- And immediately the Tigers get their run back, with Delmon Young wrapping a homer ust barely around Pesky's Pole in right to make it a two-run game again.

Tigers 6, Red Sox 5, End 7th -- Carl Crawford leads off the inning with a solo blast to right field, leaving the Sox behind by just the one run with six outs to get it back.

Tigers 6, Red Sox 4, Mid 7th -- A leadoff walk offered up by Mark Melancon to Austin Jackson doesn't end up hurting the Red Sox, as Melancon retires the next two before Andrew Miller enters to retire Prince Fielder, swinging at three straight sliders.

Tigers 6, Red Sox 4, End 6th -- And the Red Sox are back in the game in a hurry. The Red Sox respond to the pair of leadoff singles with three of their own, off the bats of Dustin Pedroia, Adrian Gonzalez, and Cody Ross. Jarrod Saltalamacchia does a good job of killing the rally with a double play, bringing in just the one run, but Will Middlebrooks singles home another, and Pedro Ciriaco finds a hole in the infield to make it 6-4 on five singles and a walk.

Tigers 6, Red Sox 1, Mid 6th -- Craig Breslow gives up a single in his first full inning with the Red Sox, but only the one, holding the Tigers to their six runs through six.

Tigers 6, Red Sox 1, End 5th -- A single and a walk put two on for the Red Sox with one out, but the threat is ended by a double play, leaving them stuck well behind in the fifth.

Tigers 6, Red Sox 1, Mid 5th -- And Aaron Cook falls completely to pieces in the fifth. A pair of leadoff singles and a bunt put two in scoring position for Austin Jackson, who singled to left to bring one in and put runners on the corner. A ground ball would bring another run in while bringing the second out of the inning, but up came the power hitters, and out went a pair of homers, leaving the Red Sox down big after five.

Red Sox 1, Tigers 1, End 4th -- Adrian Gonzalez leads off with a single, but then the Sox go down in order to leave them stuck in the 1-1 tie after four.

Red Sox 1, Tigers 1, Mid 4th -- A bit of a messy inning costs the Red Sox their lead. Aaron Cook hits Quintin Berry in the leadoff spot, and while he manages to pick him off of first and get a fly ball out from Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder hit a double off the wall, and Brennan Boesch manages to squeeze a ground ball past Dustin Pedroia and into center field to tie the game up. Only a great over-the-shoulder catch from Jacoby Ellsbury, who went sliding into the wall of the triangle, kept a go-ahead run out.

Red Sox 1, Tigers 0, End 3rd -- Porcello gets two ground balls and a strikeout, leaving the Red Sox with seven straight batters retired since Ross' RBI single in the first.

Red Sox 1, Tigers 0, Mid 3rd -- Two more ground balls get Cook through the third inning, with the second coming after a single and going for an inning-ending double play.

Red Sox 1, Tigers 0, End 2nd -- Rick Porcello bounces back in style, striking out the side on 13 pitches.

Red Sox 1, Tigers 0, Mid 2nd -- Alex Avila manages the first fly ball of the game against Aaron Cook, but it goes for the third out of the inning, leaving the Tigers scoreless through two.

Red Sox 1, Tigers 0, End 1st -- The Red Sox get on top early thanks in part to a lucky break. Jacoby Ellsbury is the recipient of the good fortune, moving to second on a ground ball that bounced off the first base bag and well over a diving Prince Fielder. While Crawford and Pedroia would go down on a strikeout and fly ball respectively, Adrian Gonzalez drew a walk and brought Cody Ross to the plate. Getting ahead 2-1, Ross got a fastball up in the zone and dumped it into right field for the RBI single.

Red Sox 0, Tigers 0, Mid 1st -- Aaron Cook has an almost ideal Aaron Cook inning. The "almost" comes from the fact that one of his ground balls found a hole and went for a base hit, but given that it was one of four in the inning and the other three went for outs, we won't complain too loudly.