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Vicente Padilla Says Mark Teixeira Should Play "Women's Sport"

Vicente Padilla apparently has some pretty strong views about Mark Teixeira. In fact, Padilla says that Teixeira is prejudice against Latin players and should consider playing women's sports instead of baseball.

According to, the Boston Red Sox pitcher called Teixeira out when talking to about his former teammate on the Texas Rangers.

"The problem is he talks about all the wrong things that other have done, but the things he's done - - against the Latinos (on the Texas Rangers) - - he doesn't open his mouth about," Padilla said.

On Sunday, Padilla talked about his previous statements.

"We had some problems when we were teammates," Padilla said to ESPN Deportes. "We used to be friends, but then there was this incident when I hit someone unintentionally and then he got hit and then he said he would retaliate and hit me with a bit and I guess it escalated from there."

Teixeira for his part didn't give any credence to Padilla's remarks, saying that he doesn't have a friend in the game because of his alleged head-hunting antics.

"The last straw when we were in Texas was when Michael Young got hit and they showed (Padilla) laughing on the bench. I think he got released that day."

Padilla also had some more demeaning comments towards women and Teixeira, saying the New York Yankees first baseman should play women's sports because of how emotional Teixeira is.

According to Padilla, "...even women don't complain as much as him."

All of this adds up to a story that won't die down anytime soon, and rightfully so.

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