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Ryan Sweeney Injury: Red Sox Outfielder Punches Wall, Could Head To DL

Staying healthy has been one of the biggest reasons why the Boston Red Sox have struggled this season, and Monday during the team's 7-3 victory over the Detroit Tigers the injury bug struck again as outfielder Ryan Sweeney was replaced by Cody Ross.

At the time, nobody knew what the issues with Sweeney was, but on Tuesday the Boston Globe learned Sweeney had injured his hand by punching a door in the dugout.

"I just came down, walked down the stairs, and kind of punched the door a little bit,’’ said a forlorn Sweeney in the clubhouse. "I’ve done [it] before, but maybe not to this extent.’’

Sweeney's frustrations steamed from a great play by the Tiger's Omar Infante, who robbed the outfielder of a hit and helped him go 0-for-4 on the night.

Needles to say, Sweeney's rage came at the tail end of the the Red Sox's third straight victory and could force him to the disable list for the third time this season.

The Red Sox are expected to know the status of Sweeney, who will undergo an MRI, by Tuesday.

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