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Red Sox Vs. Tigers Live Blog: Inning By Inning Updates For Game 1

The Red Sox are set to kick off their series against the Tigers in Boston. We'll keep you up-to-date on all the action as it goes down in Fenway Park.

Red Sox 7, Tigers 3, End 8th -- After a night f offensive frustration featuring three strikeouts, Will Middlebrooks falls behind 0-2, and then blasts a two-run shot into the Monster Seats to effectively seal the game for the Red Sox. They've got a four-run lead with just three outs to go.

Red Sox 5, Tigers 3, Mid 8th -- Clay Buchholz has likely wrapped up his night with a 1-2-3 eighth. It's another strong outing for Clay, with just two earned runs to his name, especially given how badly the game started in the first. The Sox just need three more outs to have a rare three-game winning streak in their pockets.

Red Sox 5, Tigers 3, End 7th -- Kelly Shoppach makes up for his blunder in the previous inning by sending a long fly ball to center field that drops into the triangle over Austin Jackson's head, allowing him to reach third with a leadoff triple. While Pedro Ciriaco's pop fly isn't enough to bring him in, Jacoby Ellsbury's single is, and it chases Scherzer from the game for good measure besides.

Red Sox 4. Tigers 3, Mid 7th -- A hitch is put in what should have been another scoreless inning for Clay Buchholz when Kelly Shoppach can't come up with strike three to Brennan Boesch, and then hits him with the throw to first. Boesch would come around to score on a one-out double from Alex Avila, leaving the Sox' lead at just the one run headed to the bottom of the seventh.

Red Sox 4, Tigers 2, End 6th -- Dustin Pedroia puts an end to the boredom in a hurry. After a leadoff walk from Carl Crawford, Pedroia got a fastball up-and-in and did what he usually does with that sort of offering, turning on the pitch and putting it in the Monster seats to make it a 4-2 lead for the Red Sox.

Red Sox 2, Tigers 2, Mid 6th -- Buchholz stays on an upswing, grabbing three quick outs in what is frankly becoming something of a snoozer. Neither team has really threatened since the third, and it's not really the sort of dominant pitching that makes for an entertaining duel, either.

Red Sox 2, Tigers 2, End 5th -- Max Scherzer, on the other hand, has the strikeouts flowing freely. Two more in the fifth give him six on the night, and with just 68 pitches on his arm it's not costing him much effort compared to Clay Buchholz.

Red Sox 2, Tigers 2, Mid 5th -- Even with the slow-to-throw Clay Buchholz on the mound, this one's going by in a hurry now. Buchholz is on pace for at least seven innings after another 1-2-3 frame in the fifth, with Quintin Barry providing him with just his second strikeout of the night.

Red Sox 2, Tigers 2, End 4th -- The Sox go quiet again in the bottom of the fourth, leaving Jarrod Saltalamacchia on base after a two-out single. Scherzer has looked impressive since his early troubles.

Red Sox 2, Tigers 2, Mid 4th -- Clay's roller coaster night is climbing back uphill, with three groundouts getting him quickly through the fourth.

Red Sox 2, Tigers 2, End 3rd -- Pedro Ciriaco gives the Sox a leadoff baserunner, but they can't bring a go-ahead score in, leaving the game locked at 2-2 through three.

Red Sox 2, Tigers 2, Mid 3rd -- Clay runs into big trouble once again in the third, but at least manages to minimize the damage. A high fly ball from Omar Infante nearly ends up in the same place as Austin Jackson's leadoff shot, but comes just short, ending up with the newly-arrived Tiger at third base. A walk to Jackson himself would put men on the corners, and while a Barry pop-up got Buchholz a much-needed out, Miguel Cabrera was able to single up the middle to drive Infante in. Buchholz would end up walking PrinceFielder toload the bases, but a double play ball off the bat of Delmon Young was enough to end the inning.

Red Sox 2, Tigers 1, End 2nd -- What seems to be a busted hit-and-run play costs the Sox in the second, as Jarrod Saltalamacchia is easily gunned down at second after a bad throw to first costs the Tigers the baserunner. With the Sox helping out, Scherzer is treated to a 1-2-3 second.

Red Sox 2, Tigers 1, Mid 2nd -- Buchholz continues his roll by ending the second 1-2-3, leaving him with six straight batters retired since the homer and double that started the game.

Red Sox 2, Tigers 1, End 1st -- The Red Sox respond in the bottom half and add on a second run for good measure. Jacoby Ellsbury works a long battle in the leadoff spot, eventually earning himself a walk. His speed is put to good use, as Carl Crawford goes to the opposite field, hitting a wall ball that allows Ellsbury to score from first as Crawford comes in behind him at third. Getting all three proves important for Crawford, as he scores on a ground ball from Dustin Pedroia before strikeouts to Adrian Gonzalez and Will Middlebrooks end the inning.

Tigers 1, Red Sox 0, Mid 1st -- Buchholz takes a few pitches to settle into the inning, and it costs him in the first. The damage comes on just the second pitch of the night: a fastball running in on Austin Jackson, who lifts a high fly ball that just barely makes its way into the Monster seats in left-center field, putting the Tigers up 1-0. Quintin Berry makes it two straight hits, doubling off the wall, but Clay manages to quiet the lineup from there, grabbing a come-backer, striking out Prince Fielder, and then getting another ground ball to end the frame.