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Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony: The Queen Makes Her Entrance And More

The Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics has already come and gone, but stateside the presentation is airing on NBC via tape delay. The Olympic Cauldron has been lit, but the event was scheduled for three hours so there's still plenty to come.

The Cauldron lighting took place in an unexpected way, with a selection of numerous young athletes lighting it simultaneously rather than one torch bearer taking the honor. The Parade of Nations, as always, will have the height of Olympic fashion on display. A Danny Boyle-produced show ran through centuries of Olympic History, and the Queen of England made her appearance. SB Nation is running an Opening Ceremony live blog on the tape-delayed event, so for gifs and commentary of all of the above be sure to check that out.

Stick with this StoryStream for more coverage of New England athletes in the 2012 Olympics. For complete coverage of the London Games, check out SB Nation's Olympics hub.