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Chad Ochocinco Is Once Again Chad Johnson

For New England Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco has decided that changing his last name Ochocinco might not have been the smartest thing that he's ever done. Four years after making the ridiculous move to change his name to match his jersey number, Chad is going back to the name his mother gave him, Johnson.

Via Dolphins beat writer, Jeff Darlington's twitter:

@JeffDarlington What's in a name? Chad @ochocinco was in Broward courthouse today for 8:45 am hearing to legally change back to Chad Johnson. It cost $401.

The former Patriots wideout was a massive disappointment last season as he struggled through the worst season of his career, while also acknowledging that he was never able to grasp the complex Patriots offense. Chad was a virtual non-factor in the playoffs and caught only one pass during the teams Super Bowl loss to the New York Giants.

He was picked up by the Miami Dolphins this summer after the Patriots cut him from the team.