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Franklin Morales Status: Red Sox Sending Pitcher Back To Bullpen

The Boston Red Sox have decided to send Franklin Morales back to the bullpen after five starts (via WEEI).

Morales had a 3.42 ERA in his starting outings. On the season he's 2-2 with an ERA of 3.16. Morales also has eight holds in 2012. The decision was apparently based on a number of factors. Red Sox pitching coach Bob McClure said:

"The thinking kind of behind is, one, he's left-handed and it's always better to have two or three left-handers down there. Two, he can come out of the pen and spot start in case somebody needs a breather. Not saying you want to do that very much, but it's kind of what the team needs right now.

I was in the exact same situation (with Milwaukee), and I understand exactly how he feels. Yet, he still has a job to do and he's good with that. He's a competitive and confident kid, and he's going to do whatever he can to help the team. I understand his position because he wants to start, and I did too."

Morales was okay with the decision. "I feel fine. I have to do my thing (in the bullpen) and that's it. It's fine."

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