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Las Vegas Summer League 2012: Jared Sullinger Looking Forward To Meeting Kevin Garnett

Jared Sullinger scored 14 points and hauled in seven rebounds in the Boston Celtics' 87-69 win over the Atlanta Hawks on Monday during a 2012 Las Vegas Summer League game. While the big man enjoyed a solid outing, he also knows he has a long way to go before he is ready to contribute when the games really count. Luckily, Sullinger will have plenty of veteran mentors, notably Kevin Garnett.

"I still have a lot to learn so I hope Kevin Garnett is ready for me," he said.

Asked is he was looking forward to it, Sullinger said, "Yeah, but at the same time, no. It's probably going to be all the things I don't do well versus all the things I do well ... Which I need."

Sullinger isn't as athletic as many NBA stars to begin with, and it doesn't help that he is a little out of shape even by his standards. Thankfully, he is working hard during summer workouts to get into peak form.

"I know for a fact I'm getting in better shape with all the games were playing so everything is starting to come easy," he said.

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