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2012 MLB Draft Order: Day 3 For The Boston Red Sox

The 2012 MLB Draft is coming to a close on Wednesday evening, with rounds 16 through 40 set to get underway and subsequently be completed.

As always, the draft is an incredibly long and drawn out, yet exciting, process that isn't rivaled by any other sport. Think about it in comparison to basketball, which only has two rounds. The scouting that goes into baseball drafts is just mind-blowing.

With all of that said, the Boston Red Sox have been doing some heavy lifting so far, taking a pair of shortstops and a wide variety of pitchers.

Boston will draft in the 23th spot of each round for the remainder of the draft. The Red Sox will have ample opportunity to stock up the minor league system, something that needs to be done considering the age of many major league players on the team now.

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