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Transfer Talk 2012: The Revs And The Rangers FC Situation

Guess what folks! The silly season is finally upon Major League Soccer. That's right, the summer transfer window opens TODAY for one whole month. And guess what else! The New England Revolution now have the first pick in the MLS Allocation order due to the Philadelphia Union trading for Vancouver's former #1 spot to nab Bakary Soumaré. Yes, it is an exciting time, with so many possibilities! So much to consider! So many rumors to comb through! And with the top spot in the allocation order (a process by which we picked up Benny Feilhaber last season, in case you somehow missed that), there are even more angles from which we can look at this summer window for the Revolution. So, what does it all mean exactly? Well, let's look at a few potential events right out of the get-go.