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NBA Mock Draft 2012: UConn's Andre Drummond Projected To Portland Trail Blazers

In the latest SI 2012 NBA Mock Draft, UConn center Andre Drummond was projected to go to the Portland Trail Blazers with the No. 6 selection.

Given their horrors with their Greg Oden pick in 2007, you might think they would be wary of taking another center in the draft. SI's Sam Amick says they will ignore their fears and take Drummond anyway.

"The Blazers ignore those recurring nightmares about Greg Oden and opt for another big man with huge upside in Drummond. New general manager Neil Olshey won't be able to expect the instant stardom he experienced with the Clippers' Blake Griffin (after missing a season with a knee injury), but Drummond could be a potent partner to franchise cornerstone LaMarcus Aldridge. Drummond's raw skills and body are a major reason for his value, and his measurements at the combine did nothing to change that. He weighed 278 pounds with 7.5 percent body fat, and was 6-11¾ with shoes with an incredible 7-6¼ wingspan. As for the athleticism department, Drummond overstated his own prowess when he told reporters that he jumped about 38 inches. In reality, his jump was just 33½ inches." (via SI)

The Sacramento Kings are also reportedly considering Drummond with the No. 5 pick.

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