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Boston Blazers Lacrosse Team Could be Back for 2014

As reported by our lacrosse blog, In Lax we Trust yesterday, the Boston Blazers indoor lacrosse team could return for the 2014 National Lacrosse League season.

The Blazers played out of the TD Garden for three seasons starting in 2009, where they were a first round playoff exit every season. They were one of the favorites for the Champions Cup last season, after bolstering their roster in the off season, but suspended operations at the end of the season due to arena costs.

But the Blazers said after their suspension that they would be on the look out for a new arena to return back to NLL action. In Lax We Trust reported that the Blazers have a potential ownership group, thought it is not known what arenas they are looking at.

The good news is the league is aware of it, and the deadline to return was supposed to be today, but they got an extension due to the potential ownership group.

You might be wondering why 2014, and not next season. That has not been talked about, but my guess would be it is due to the current NLL labor dispute with the Professional Lacrosse Player's Association that leaves the 2013 season in question.

Keep following SBNation Boston and In Lax We Trust for more on the Blazers potential return to the National Lacrosse League.