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Cannons vs Hounds: Boston Takes on the 0-1 Hounds

So much hype for a team that fell 21-11 to a rebuilding team. The Charlotte Hounds are looking for their first win of their existence this week, and it will be no easy task for the Hounds as they travel to face the defending MLL champions.

They will take on a Boston Cannons team who held the Rochester Rattlers to three goals last week, the least amount in MLL history. Charlotte will have most of their players this week, but will have to do some soul searching on the defensive, goaltending and transition end of the ball.

They lost most of their face offs in the loss last week, an achilles heel for them that they will need to address. It will be tough for their defense and goaltending against a strong Cannons offense that will be getting Matt Poskay and Brad Ross tonight.

Jordan Burke had the best performance of his career and it will be hard, nearly impossible, to repeat that tonight. He will face a Hounds offense with names like Matt Danowski, Stephen Berger and Jovan Miller. These are some legit players for an expansion team.

All in all, this is a game the Cannons can and should win if they play like they did last week. But Charlotte does have the ability to sneak up and win this game if their goaltending can improve. It all depends on if the Hounds can stop the Cannons from scoring. Despite a good Boston defense, Charlotte will score their goals. But can they stop anyone?