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David Ortiz Says Media Needs To 'Take It Easy' On Josh Beckett Golfing

David Ortiz defended the indefensible on Tuesday, saying the media should take it easy on Josh Beckett following his ill-advised golfing trip.

"You guys need to take it easy, man," Ortiz said. "We are human here. We come and play the game. We try to do the right thing, but we have a personal life too. We are human just like everyone else."

Yes, baseball players are humans and have a personal life too. But -- just a suggestion -- when a player is scratched from a start one day with a sore lat, he probably shouldn't be spotted the very next day playing a round of golf. And when he is spotted playing golf when he should probably be getting treatment on his sore lat, he should probably be apologetic rather than combative in the aftermath.

For video of Ortiz' comments on Josh Beckett, watch below.

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