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Red Sox Vs. Mariners Live Blog: Inning By Inning Updates For Game 1

The Red Sox and Mariners are set to face off in the first of two games as they squeeze in a quick series in Boston.

We'll keep you up-to-date with all the action as it goes down in Fenway Park.

Mariners 1, Red Sox 6, Final -- The Mariners manage to break through for a run and end the shutout in the ninth, but Lester goes the distance and the Sox win their fourth straight.

Mariners 0, Red Sox 6, End 8th -- The Sox add another run as Marlon Byrd hits a sacrifice fly with the bases loaded. Also, Daniel Nava was intentionally walked, so there's that.

Mariners 0, Red Sox 5, Mid 8th -- Lester is now just three outs away from a complete game shutout, striking out Casper Wells in a perfect eighth.

Mariners 0, Red Sox 5, End 7th -- Shawn Kelley gets the Sox to go 1-2-3. The offense has quieted way down since the opening innings, which makes Lester's seven shutout all that much more important.

Mariners 0, Red Sox 5, Mid 7th -- Jon Lester has by far his most difficult inning of the night as his fastball command deserts him a bit, resulting in some high, hittable pitches. Three singles would usually be good for a run, but in this case a line drive off the bat of Kyle Seager finds Dustin Pedroia's glove, and then Mike Aviles' as the middle infield doubled Jesus Montero off of second to calm the inning down.

Mariners 0, Red Sox 5, End 6th -- Unfortunately, Vargas doesn't follow the pattern, giving up only a Daniel Nava walk in a scoreless sixth.

Mariners 0, Red Sox 5, Mid 6th -- If the no-hitter hadn't gone by the wayside in the fourth, it would have here, as the Mariners put together a couple of line drives to put two men on with one out. Still, the shutout remains, with a pop fly and ground out ending the threat.

Mariners 0, Red Sox 5, End 5th -- Every other inning, Jason Vargas is good. Ground outs from David Ortiz and Adrian Gonzalez, and a strikeout from Will Middlebrooks keeps the Sox off the board in the fifth.

Mariners 0, Red Sox 5, Mid 5th -- The Mariners get two fly balls to the oufield! But they don't get any hits or walks, so all is well in Fenway Park, where Lester is through five innings of a one-hitter on 55 pitches.

Mariners 0, Red Sox 5, End 4th -- The Red Sox decide to make up for the infield single by going deep a couple times off Jason Vargas. Daniel Nava and his hot bat are first up, clearing the Monster for a two-run bomb, and Kelly Shoppach flips his bat as he goes up an over the seats as well, leaving Fenway for a solo shot.

Mariners 0, Red Sox 2, Mid 4th -- Jon Lester's perfection is broken up by an infield single off the bat of Ichiro and deflected by Lester at the mound. The Mariners still don't have a ball out of the infield, however, so that's a different kind of perfection I suppose.

Mariners 0, Red Sox 2, End 3rd -- Adrian Gonzalez' walk is all the Red Sox can muster in the fourth inning, as Jason Vargas has effectively settled down.

Mariners 0, Red Sox 2, Mid 3rd -- The Mariners get their first ball in the air off the bat of Michael Saunders. It's a pop up snagged by Mike Aviles for the second out after Alex Liddi went down on a foul tip. Brendan Ryan finishes the inning with a ground ball to Aviles.

Mariners 0, Red Sox 2, End 2nd -- The Sox get another pair of runners on a couple of infield singles, with Marlon Byrd lining to second, where Dustin Ackley could only knock the ball down rather than actually catch it, and Kelly Shoppach hitting a chopper to the perfect spot down the third base line. Unfortunately, with Byrd getting thrown out at second in between the two events, it was for naught.

Mariners 0, Red Sox 2, Mid 2nd -- Another 1-2-3 inning for Jon Lester looks much like the first, with Jesus Montero and Kyle Seager making outs on the ground and Justin Smoak striking out on a good curveball. Lester is through the first two now on just 23 pitches without a ball leaving the infield.

Mariners 0, Red Sox 2, End 1st -- In another battle of the Red Sox vs. a junkballer, the Red Sox are winning through the first inning. After Dustin Pedroia drew a one-out walk. David Ortiz went opposite field and off the wall with a changeup to bring Pedroia around all the way from first. Adrian Gonzalez followed up by taking a first pitch fastball and knocking it down the line in left for an RBI double of his own.

Mariners 0, Red Sox 0, Mid 1st -- Jon Lester is off to a strong start against the Seattle Mariners. Overpowering Dustin Ackley with a high fastball, Lester picked up his first strikeout with the first five pitches of the game, and then induced easy ground ball outs to short and second to end the inning, 1-2-3.