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Red Sox Vs. Indians Live Blog: Inning By Inning Updates For Game 1

The Boston Red Sox are ready to go against the Cleveland Indians, hoping for better results against the Indians than they've had against, well, pretty much anybody else so far this season.

We'll keep you up to date on all the action as it goes down in Fenway Park.

Indians 8, Red Sox 3, Final -- 12-19. Earlier this seemed like one of those games that might inspire some sort of response from the organization, like another late night press conference. But the fact that it all happened so early might mean just another night of silence.

Indians 8, Red Sox 3, Mid 9th -- Alfredo Aceves gives up a meaningless run in a meaningless ninth. The Indians will have Nick Hagadone, former Red Sox prospect on the mount to finish the game off.

Indians 7, Red Sox 3, End 8th -- Unfortunately, as great as Dustin Pedroia is, he can't do everything. The Sox' biggest chance of the night is snuffed out as, with the bases loaded, Pedroia chases ball four on a 3-1 count, popping up for the third out.

Indians 7, Red Sox 3, Mid 8th -- Franklin Morales gets in some very undeserved trouble, as Casey Kotchman ends up fouling off an inside pitch as he tried to avoid getting hit...and then gets sent to first on a terrible call by the umpire. Still, Hannahan flies out, and Damon grounds out to end the threat. It's unbelievable that the Sox are so bad given how well the bullpen has pitched of late.

Indians 7, Red Sox 3, End 7th -- Dustin Pedroia gives Sox fans something to cheer about with an opposite field shot. He deserves a better team than this.

Indains 7, Red Sox 2, Mid 7th -- Scott Atchison is giving up a lot of strong contact, but the Indians are hitting them right at defenders, so he's kept his pretty ERA intact.

Indians 7, Red Sox 2, End 6th -- Kelly Shoppach gets plunked, but Ryan Sweeney grounds into a play. That's gotta be the most annoying thing in the world for the guy getting hit. And the fans. Always the fans.

Indians 7, Red Sox 2, Mid 6th -- Scott Atchison gets himself in a little trouble with a pair of singles putting runners on the corners with one out, but Will Middlebrooks snags a line drive and Atchison gets Jason Kipnis to ground out to end the inning.

Indians 7, Red Sox 2, End 5th -- The Red Sox get a run back with hits from Adrian Gonzalez, Will Middlebrooks (off Derek Lowe's foot), and Daniel Nava, whose Pawtucket hot streak may have survived the jump to the majors. Unfortunately, there's still five more to go...

Indians 7, Red Sox 1, Mid 5th -- Andrew Miller out, Rich Hill in. A couple of dangerous fly balls to left-center stay in enough for Marlon Byrd to grab them in front of the wall before Hill settles it down with a strikeout of Shin-Soo Choo.

Indians 7, Red Sox 1, End 4th -- The Sox are trotting out their greatest hits tonight. A two-inning start, a lineup featuring a minor league backup batting sixth, and now a wasted bases loaded situation, as Ryan Sweeney makes the third out with the bags juiced and no runs in.

Indians 7, Red Sox 1, Mid 4th -- Johnny Damon manages to single on a pop-up that drops some ten feet behind the mound, but a couple of ground balls get Andrew Miller out of the inning with a fielder's choice and a double play.

Indians 7, Red Sox 1, End 3rd -- The Sox manage a pair of infield singles, but no runs, as Derek Lowe still seems to be rolling right along.

Indians 7, Red Sox 1 Mid 3rd -- From bad to worse for Beckett, who doesn't even make it into the third inning. A leadoff shot by Travis Hafner just sets the tone as Beckett surrenders a single, a walk, and two doubles before being yanked with a lost game to his name.

Indians 3, Red Sox 1, End 2nd -- The Sox manage to grab a run thanks to the increasingly hot Adrian Gonzalez. A double to left field puts him in scoring position, and with two outs Mike Aviles manages to squeeze a seeing-eye single up the middle for the RBI.

Indians 3, Red Sox 0, Mid 2nd -- After a strong first, Josh Beckett folds in the second. After striking out Carlos Santana and getting ahead of Shin-Soo Choo 0-2, Beckett completely lost the strikezone, eventually surrendering a walk. Michael Brantley quickly sliced a double to left, and a long fly ball to right scored Choo from third on a sacrifice fly.

The real damage, however, would come when Josh Beckett hung a changeup to Jack Hannahan. A player with all of 26 homers in 426 major league games, Hannahan made it 27 by finding the seats in right field. 3-0 Indians, same old story.

Indians 0, Red Sox 0, End 1st -- Bad news for the Red Sox: Derek Lowe has his sinker working. Ground balls from Ryan Sweeney and Dustin Pedroia got the Sox off on the wrong foot, and David Ortiz popped up to end the frame in rapid fashion.

Indians 0, Red Sox 0, Mid 1st -- The Red Sox are out of the first without any damage done. Johnny Damon goes down swinging on three pitches to start the game as Josh Beckett gets him with a sharp-breaking curveball. While Asdrubal Cabrera did manage a ground rule double down the right field line, Beckett induced a ground ball from Travis Hafner to end the threat.