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Bobby Valentine Pitching Issues: Does The Red Sox Manager Leave Pitchers In Too Long?

Does Bobby Valentine have an issue with keeping pitchers in too long?

Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald joined Gary Tanguay and Mike Felger on Sports Tonight to debate Valentine's decisions.

Though they all agreed to liking when Valentine visits the mound to help his pitchers overcome issues, they think he struggles with knowing when to yank pitchers from the game.

"While I love his mound visits, he keeps his pitchers in too long. He kept Bard in too long last night by at least a batter, he's kept bullpen guys in too long," said Felger. "Bard should never have faced that second batter. When he came in he walked the leadoff man, and that should have been it. Bobby Valentine left him in there for one extra better, that extra better gave him a loss as opposed to a no-decision, and I'm sure Bard, given the mindset of these knuckleheads, probably holds him responsible."

For more of the debate, watch the video below:

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