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Nerlens Noel Recruiting 2012: Commitment Rumors 'Crazy,' Says Nation's No. 1 Basketball Recruit

Tilton Prep center Nerlens Noel, regarded as the top senior high school basketball recruit in the nation, wrote Tuesday on his blog that rumors of his committing to a college already are "crazy."

Noel is scheduled to announce his decision during an ESPNU special beginning at 7:30 p.m ET Wednesday night, and is expected to be deciding between Georgetown, Kentucky and Syracuse. Rumors have circled that Noel is already decided on a certain program, but he insists his decision won't be finalized until Tuesday night.

Like I said, tonight we're gonna have a group discussion and write things out and see where we're most comfortable and what the best decision will be. The rumors about me already being committed are just crazy.

Anyone who knows me knows my mom, Dorcina, has to sign off on any decision and that she will play a major part in any decision. So tonight is when I'll talk to her about it all.

Any "recruiting guy" who says he has some news from a "source" is funny, too, because the source would have to be me or my mom and they're not talking to her and I don't talk to anyone. Like I always say, only believe what you read here.

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