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NCAA Lacrosse Preview: UMass, Providence, Vermont All In Action

UMass has continued to dominate, while the rest of the New England lacrosse scene continues its struggles. Let's take a look at the slate for this weekend.

Massachusetts (6-0) Vs. Penn State (3-2)

The Minutemen just keep on rolling in their quest to become an elite lacrosse program. This week they take on a Penn State team who is coming off of a blow out loss to Denver, in a game where they were considered to compete in. This should be a simple win for UMass.

Providence (1-2) Vs. Georgetown (3-1)

Georgetown had two good wins this weekend, beating a tough Harvard team and then defeating Mount Saint Marys. Both of the wins were one goal games, and both of those teams that they faced are tougher than Providence. The Friars lost last week to Manhatten, a team that was shut out two weeks ago.

Vermont (0-6) Vs. Sacred Heart (2-3)

Is Vermont the new Wagner? The Catamonts have had an awful season, unable to find even a measly win. This week they take on Sacred Heart, not a particularly good team, but when you're o-6, does it matter?

Holy Cross (4-3) Vs. Navy (3-3)

Holy Cross defeated the pitiful Vermont earlier on in the week, after a loss to Colgate last Saturday. A team looking to get into the rankings, they will have to defeat Navy. The Midshipmen have won two games in a row, against Towson and Lafayette.

Quinnipiac (0-5) Vs. Hartford (1-5)

Hartford took a loss to Seina on Wednesday a night, and are now plummeted after a chance to defeat the strong UMass. They should be able to win this week as they face a Quinnipiac Bobcats team that searches for their first win.