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Ticket Sales For Patriots', Rams' 2012 London Match Up Halted

The New England Patriots and St. Louis Rams are schedule to travel to London next Oct. and face each other in the NFL's sixth annual contest at the legendary Wembley Stadium. However, the ticket sales for that game has been put on hold.

According to a report by WEEI, the Rams are trying to deal with a lease issue at their home-field of the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, MO. Meanwhile, the NFLUK website says it's halting ticket sales to:

"Allow the Rams and their stadium authority to finalise the technical amendments to the lease required under the terms of the Rams' commitment to London."

It was just Friday that the NFL's commissioner, Roger Goodell, said this:

"We're going to play the London games," said Goodell. "We hope it will be with the Rams and the New England Patriots next year. That's what we planned. ... But there are issues that obviously are going to have to get resolved. We know there are discussions going on. We hope that will get resolved shortly."

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