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Ivy League Basketball Standings 2012: Harvard Still Leads, Despite Hiccup

After a devastating 55-54 loss to second place Penn on Saturday night, the Harvard Crimson were almost in disbelief, as there once comfortable lead in the Ivy League Standings was sized down to a half a game. Not to worry though, Crimson fans! It's still a lead! Things just got a little bit tougher, though.

With games against Cornell and Columbia left on the schedule, Harvard will now have to win both of these games and have Penn drop one of Brown, Princeton or Yale in order to claim their first NCAA Tourney birth since 1946. It's not a piece of cake, but it's a reasonable request for Kyle Casey and company. Let's take a look at the Ivy League Standings as of Sunday.

2012 Ivy League Basketball Standings-- As of Feb. 26, 2012

  1. Harvard Crimson (24-4, 10-2 IVY)
  2. Penn Quakers (17-11, 9-2 IVY)
  3. Yale Bulldogs (19-7, 9-3 IVY)
  4. Princeton Tigers (16-11, 7-4 IVY)
  5. Cornell Big Red (11-15, 6-6 IVY)
  6. Columbia Lions (14-14, 3-9 IVY)
  7. Brown Bears (8-21, 2-10 IVY)
  8. Dartmouth Big Green (5-23, 1-11 IVY)

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