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Harvard Vs. Princeton Final Score: Tigers Upset Crimson, 70-62

Harvard's perfect Ivy League season is no more, as the Princeton Tigers upset the 21st-ranked Crimson 70-62 in New Jersey on Saturday night. Harvard entered the night 7-0 in conference play, and 21-2 overall in one of the finest starts in program history.

Junior forward Iam Hummer led the way for the Tigers, pouring in a team-high 20 points on a night that was an offensive struggle for both schools in the first half, but picked up in the final 20 minutes of action. Forward Keith Wright had a business-like 16 points and 12 rebounds for Harvard, but attempted just two free throws on the night.

The win is likely to push Harvard out of the rankings in the two major college basketball polls, and will blemish their NCAA Tournament resume.

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