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2012 NBA power rankings: Celtics drop again as offensive woes continue

After starting off the year strong, Boston has hit the skids in recent weeks.


The Boston Celtics have struggled to score the ball in recent weeks. As a result, they've seen their standing in the Eastern Conference suffer, and now they have some work to do with a 14-16 record.

The latest round of NBA power rankings were released on Monday. On, John Schumann has Boston ranked 19th, which is one spot back of where they were last week. Here is what Schumann had to say about the team, and what could happen in the coming days as the schedule picks up.

"Considering the state of the Nets, the Celtics' Christmas Day victory in Brooklyn doesn't look so great right now. And considering their three West Coast losses by a total of 69 points, it's long forgotten anyway. They're playing worse defense than they were in November, they're just a half game out of the Lottery and their next four games are against the Grizzlies, Pacers, Hawks and Knicks. Yikes."

ESPN dropped the Celtics two spots in their latest rankings, making them the 20th best team in the league right now. Marc Stein noted that the C's lost three games on the west coast by nearly 70 points, including a 22-point blow loss to Sacramento on Monday night.

It's pretty clear the Celtics have a lot of work to do if they hope to reach the postseason this year, even if they are playing in a weak Eastern Conference.