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Patriots vs. Jaguars final score: New England holds on for 23-16 road victory

After driving the ball deep into the red-zone at the conclusion of the third quarter, the Patriots began the fourth with the ball in great field position. On third-and-goal, wide receiver Wes Welker would catch a 2-yard touchdown pass to extend the New England lead to 23-13.

On the ensuing possession for the Jaguars, Chad Henne would drive his team back down the field for another field goal attempt. Veteran Josh Scobee knocked it through for his third successful field goal of the afternoon, cutting the Jags' deficit to 23-16.

A false-start penalty from a tight end would take the Jaguars back to the Patriots' 6-yard-line after moving it down and inside the one-yard-line with less than four minutes left to play. On third-and-goal, rookie linebacker Dont'a Hightower would sack Henne back at the 11-yard-line. On fourth down, another rookie would come up big for the Patriots. Defensive end Chandler Jones would hit Henne just as he released the football, resulting in an interception for safety Patrick Chung.

The Patriots offense failed to get the job done and completely run out the clock, so the football was punted back over to the Jaguars. However, Jacksonville could not make its way to the endzone in the final 0:59 seconds of the game as the Jags' fell, 23-16, to the visiting Patriots.