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Patriots vs. Jaguars score update: New England leads, 16-13, after three

After an extremely slow start led to a first half of constant trailing, the New England Patriots managed to score a late touchdown to Danny Woodhead to tie the score before halftime.

On their opening drive of the second half, the Patriots exploited some of the Jaguars' weaknesses in the secondary and moved into field goal range for another try from Stephen Gostkowski. His 38-yard attempt was good and the Patriots gained their first lead of the day, 16-13.

The two teams would trade punts for the majority of the third quarter, resulting in no further scoring on either side. As the quarter began to draw to a close, the Patriots drove the ball deep into Jags' territory and will have a goal-to-go play when the fourth quarter begins.

What once looked to be a case of the Patriots intentionally tanking in search of the AFC's No. 4 seed now appears to be an easy victory. Perhaps it was a case of the Jaguars not being good enough to take advantage of New England's early sloppiness.